Appliqué Instructions

These Appliqués are best applied to a smooth, flat, non-porous surface.

Step One:

Begin on a warm dry day by cleaning the surface with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel.

Step Two:

Position the Appliqué on the rain barrel, or any flat, non-pours surface, making sure to align the Appliqué in the desired position. This does not mean peel the back off yet, we’re just positioning.

Step Three:

Fold and tear off two inches of the top right, and top left corners of the backing. Gently press the left and right corners to your surface.

Fold and tear off the two inches of the bottom left corner of the backing and gently press that corner to your surface.

These corners are just to establish anchor points, don’t be afraid if we tell you to pull one of these off in later steps.

Step Four:

Pull off the top right corner and fold the entire Appliqué in half left to right.

Step Five:

Peel off the backing up to the half-way point where you folded it and tear that much of the backing off. You might use it a pair of scissors to make this easier, and to make sure you only tear up to that half-way fold point.

Step Six:

With half the backing now removed, gently replace the right side of the Appliqué and use the enclosed tool to smooth the out any wrinkles.

This tool is best employed with a side-to-side and then up-and-down motion.

Step Seven:

Peel off the remaining backing from the left side of the Appliqué and press that side down. Smooth out the wrinkles as in step six.

Step Eight:

Peel off the protective covering from front of the Appliqué and smooth out the edges using the tool.

Optional Step

If needed, a heat gun may be used for additional smoothing